List of my books and Magazines 

Here is a collection of all my books and magazines that either I have written or edited for the organizations or clubs mentioned in the list.

  1. The dream we had together- English Poetry collection
  2. भुतसित  एक रात ( कथा संग्रह )
  3. ध्रुव थापाका कविता तथा गीत  
  4. Taste of the Himalayas- Cookbook
  5. जीवन संघर्ष ( खण्ड काब्य ) 
  6. यस्तै छ अमेरिका ( कथा संग्रह ) coming soon!
  7. Looking Back to one year of Service.
  8. Koseli — Nepal Association of Global Cooperation (NAGC)
  9. Annapurna Roar — Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna
  10. Outreach —    Association of Nepalese in America (ANA)
  11. Souvenir–       Friends on Earth International
  12. Sagarmatha
  13. Lions Installation Booklet 2019
  14. Lions Clubs Joint Installation -2020