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नया बर्षको शुभकामना

कपी पेस्टको जमानामा नया बर्षको शुभकामना दिन नया शब्द खोजी रहेछु ! तर अह कुनै शब्द भेट्नै सकिन यो डिजिटल शब्दमा मेरो हृदयको अभिव्यक्तिहरु पोख्नै सकिन त्यसैले यसपाली सामाजिक संजालभरि शुभकामनाका शब्दहरु लेख्नै सकिन किनकी तिमिलाई मैले डिजिटलको दुनियामा हैन मेरो हृदयमा साचेर राखेको छु त्यसैले एकफेर हृदयको धड्कनलाई सुनी हेर तिम्रो लागि अनन्त शुभकामनाहरु सुटुक्क पठाएको छु , जसरी

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How Thanks giving or A Harvesting Festival is celebrated …

Originally posted on Dhruva’s Creations:
How Thanks giving or A Harvesting Festival celebrated …. Dhruva Thapa – first published in Nov. 26, 2009 in Major Online Medias including American Chronicle. Thanks giving ceremonies and celebrations for a successful Harvest are both worldwide and very ancient. Almost every culture in the world has held or do hold celebrations of thanks…

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Bhedetar a new destination for visitors

Nepal is famous for tourist destination with cultural and geographical uniqueness with a unique sets of hospitality, honesty and bravery. If you travel from one part of the country to another you will find  completely different features with unique culture, food, language or even the ethnic groups. Similarly if you are visiting  Eastern Nepal then I am sure you love

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