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Reading the poems of Dhruva Thapa is being in the
presence of a great heart – one just, generous, and
sympathetic. He champions equality: “If every small
voice were heard / And given equal importance / All would
grow like a tree / Expecting to touch the sky.”

–Jim Hughes, Ph.D., Writer and teacher consultant, Bay Area Writing Project

During this unpredictable pandemic, I practice Yoga , Pranamay and of course cooking lots of healthy food. visit: The Yogic Chef if you have any comment you are most welcome to write.



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Village style fish curry

Here is the simple but delicious way of cooking small fish. Most of the people afraid to eat small fish as it has lots of bones and find difficult to eat. but if we take few precaution we can make really delicious small fish curry. Ingredients: 2 LB fresh & Local Small fish 2 Large […]

समयको महत्व र मेरो सिटीजन घडी

हिज जस्तो लाग्छ बुबाले “ला यो घडी लगा” भनेर सुनौलो रंगको सिटीजन घडी दिएको । मलाई थाहा छ त्यसबेला म आठ कक्षामा पढदै थिए र हाई स्कुल जाने तर्खरमा थिए । गाउ देखि टाडा सहरमा जहाँ मेरा अग्रज दाजु दिदीहरु पडन जाने गर्थे। त्यसबेला उनीहरुको गाँउमा शाननै अर्कै हुन्थ्यो थाहै नपाई सारा जीवन शैलीनै परिवर्तन […]

How you are spending your days at home during COVID-19

I know like me there are lots of people who are doing something new during this uncertain time of a global pandemic, natural calamities, racial protest, election and lots of uncertainty that we have never imagined in our entire life. I just want to hear from you . During this free time what you did […]

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