“Berkeley Celebrates Asian Culture and Spirituality at 2nd Annual Festival”

The weekend of April 21-23 was a vibrant celebration of Asian culture and spirituality in Downtown Berkeley. The events began on April 21st with the 7th International Tipitaka chanting ceremony at Dharma College. The recitation was open to Venerable monastics and to all who had the opportunity to hear the dharma. The chanting ran from 9 am to 4 pm on April 21st.

The following day, April 22nd, focused on mind and meditation at Dharma College. Participants were able to take part in guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and talks on the importance of cultivating a peaceful and healthy mind.

The weekend culminated in the 2nd Annual Asian Cultural Festival on April 23rd, held at MLK Jr. Civic Center Park in downtown Berkeley. The festival was organized by Dharma College and the Downtown Berkeley Association and showcased the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Asia. Attendees enjoyed food, crafts, and performances by cultural organizations and collectives from all over the Bay Area.

The festival featured live performances and chanting by Venerable Vante from various Asian countries. Additionally, the event launched Author Dhruva Thapa’s Second Cookbook, “Vegan Himalayan Delights,” featuring authentic Himalayan dishes made with traditional fermented, sun-dried, and fresh plant-based ingredients. The cookbook was introduced by Wangmo Dixie, the director of Dharma College, and released by Dr. Richard Dixie and Venerable Vantes. The book is available to purchase from, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads in both paperback and Kindle versions, and the author Thapa announced a special discount for the book to all the participants of the Asian Cultural Festival. Just before launching the book, Venerable Vantes recited the prayer.

Several cultural performances took place during the festival, including live dance performances from Thailand, Cambodia, Tibet, Nepal, India, Japan, and Indonesia. Along with the performances, there were food tents from all over the world, allowing attendees to indulge in a variety of Asian dishes.

The 2nd Annual Asian Cultural Festival was a huge success, bringing together people from different backgrounds to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Asia. Even though the festival has passed, you can still explore the delicious world of plant-based Himalayan cuisine by purchasing Dhruva Thapa’s Second Cookbook on Amazon. The organizers look forward to hosting more events in the future to continue celebrating Asian culture and spirituality.

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