Regular yoga and meditation may help you in this difficult time

Regular yoga and meditation may help you in this difficult time
Dhruva Thapa, USA (Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance)

Meditate to balance your mind and body

In today’s difficult and confusing environment and unimaginable pandemic, even science and technology have not been able to give any choice but to live in solitude and so-called social distance or isolation. It is natural to be stressful life for everyone such as a confusing and frightening world environment. The current economic downturn brought about by such confusion, the compulsion to stay unemployed, the business that has invested millions has come to a standstill. There are still unanswerable questions like When will it end? whether it will be fully diagnosed or not, what is the long-term plan to avoid it? At this time when the fear of an invisible force and the tragic life is becoming really costly, I believe, In this difficult time our most ancient method of yoga and meditation may provide some relief. It is believed that the coming days can be even more challenging. There will be a long impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and it takes time to be normal. We have to live with the current situation at least for a few years to come till we get its permanent solution, which seems to me still far away.
We hope that our Eastern yoga, knowledge, and meditation will help to cope with stress to some extent and so everyone should include yoga meditation and simple lifestyle in their diary as much as possible, to keep their morale high, and try to avoid negative thinking. It is said in our scriptures that everyone has been born with his own destiny and his time on earth has been fixed so no one has seen tomorrow, make today better and happier and if you can make a healthy and strong self today you will be able to face every situation that comes to in your basket tomorrow.
Many yoga, meditation, and positive thinking classes are being conducted online during this epidemic. Get accustomed to the daily routine of giving your time on YouTube and social media and not just watching the tragic events and news. Because of this, you will be able to escape this fear and terror that is coming in our minds day by day.
Do yoga and meditation at certain times of the day to keep yourself positive and energetic. Make the process of strengthening and balancing the human system more active by regularly using the method of breathing, such as pranayama taught in daily yoga. At least do Surya Namaskar ( Sun Salutation yoga) and some other yoga asanas regularly. ​Simple focused breathing of pranayama or guided meditation ( any form) exercises based on heart rate to help calm your nervous system. As we all know that we all are stressed these days, Managing our mental and physical stress has never been as more important as we have today. Let’s help each other to manage of level of stress by sharing our daily lifestyle and how we are managing it. In this difficult time just sharing is also a great way of caring. We can overcome this situation only if we become stronger than our stress level.

Practicing Yoga and Meditation.

Now I myself have been doing yoga and meditation for at least one hour daily in my time through regular online classes, the result of which I have been able to take positively in my life. My body has become more flexible and restrained than before, my mind has become calmer and focused which has helped me to do many creative things.
My daily yoga and meditation activities have given me the experience of balance and the ability to take life in stride. Instead of worrying about what will happen tomorrow and how to get my life back to normal, I feel that my focus today is on what I can do better and more successfully. What to do tomorrow will be decided by the time and circumstances of tomorrow. Otherwise, why do we have to be helpless and helpless today when such advanced science has progressed? Enough. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.
Now is not the time to worry about what to do tomorrow. Develop the knowledge to think about how I am doing today, how I can keep myself healthy and happy. Including in our daily routine Yoga and meditation is a beautiful way to live in this confusing situation right now. Pay attention to it and think about how you can move your life forward in a new way.
If you want to experience more balance and energy in your life, do regular yoga, meditation, pranayama, and develop positive thinking. It has to do with our inner science and it can provide us with good health and happiness. By incorporating daily yoga and meditation in your life you will realize that it is not just a pose of lucrative poses and asanas it is a positive affirmation, it is the lifestyle of positivity and enlightens the spirit that connects your self to mind-body, and soul. It also gives a positive impact on your life.
Here are a few questions to check yourself how you are doing these days? What are you doing right now? How are you spending your time? Do you feel sleepy at night? Does anxiety cause headaches and mood swings? Do you take a daily bath or nutritious and balanced food regularly? If you don’t, you’re headed for a depression. To avoid this, include daily yoga, It helps to strengthen bones and joints, and it also helps to purify your soul and bring back life energies. Be positive and stay focus on the present than worrying for tomorrow. We know after this pandemic life can be challenging but it doesn’t stop our growth and possibilities. Let me quote one inspiration from Confucius, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”
Let me conclude with a positive note to all of us from the teaching of Buddha, “Be a lamp to yourself. Be your own confidence. Hold on to the truth within yourself as to the only truth”.

“This article is just for information purposes and is not a substitute for any kind of physical or mental health problem or condition. Always check with your doctor before changing your diet or lifestyle”. -author