A hundred years is not a joke
One rarely lives so many years
But we have seen the changes
We have read the changes
We have faced the changes
That can occur in a hundred years.
So why have we not stopped demanding
Equal rights and freedom for women?
God has created us equally and
Each generation has fought for a
woman’s rights A fight supported by
both men and women Still why are
women not treated equally?
Since the early 1900s
International Women’s Day has advocated for
A woman’s right to work, to vote, to hold
Public office and to end Discrimination, and to gain
Equal justice and social fame.
Still today girls are sold as commodities
Trafficked in many countries,
They are burned or abused
Even killed in the name of principles, religion, and faith.
We often forget that without women
There won’t be any progress
Without women
No life, happiness, generations
Or peace.
Even after a hundred years
Women in developing countries
Celebrate IWD day
Carrying placards reading
“End violence against women” and
“Ensure equal pay for equal work.”
Still today in many places girls are killed
Before they see the world
No hope to kiss a boy
Attain a measure of joy.Still today in this age
The U.N. reports in some countries
Girls are killed, abandoned, sold, or raped
Forced into the sex trade.
What a deadly place is a world
Where we cannot all lead
equal lives in the name of
caste and creeds Faiths and
religious beliefs.
Still today in many places the birth of a girl
Is not celebrated but cursedAnd child mortality is high
Among girls in many countries.
Where a goddess may be worshipped
But females are murdered in their wombs
Before they are born.
And even after hundred years we still
Celebrate Women’s Day saying
“Connecting girls, inspiring futures”
And the U.S. says
“Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty”
And the European Parliament says
“Equal pay for work of equal value”
And I say
“End women’s violence and maintain peace.”
Let’s end the challenges that so many women face.

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