Riding Bicycle in San Francisco Bay Area( video inside)


I love riding bicycle and always fascinated whenever I get change to stroll around.I have been living in Bay for  more than a decade and have been to Golden Gate Bridge for numerous  times.  But always had in my mind to come one day with my bike but it never happened until last week;  it’s not because I didn’t want it but never got chance or say courage to take my bike and ride in the city. last week also I rented the bike and strolled around in such a beautiful weather. The weather was cool and sunny but just a week ago there was storm and heavy rain and now its sunny weather, that is the beauty of San Francisco Bay area. Though it was my first ride in the Golden Gate bridge but  I have been riding  regularly to New Bay bridge where you can ride your bicycle.   Possibly by coming summer 2015 we will be able to get Treasure Island by bicycle  from the east bay.

When new bay bridge opened for the first time , I was excited to get my bicycle and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Bay. On Sept. 2013 when the lane opened of for the public for the first time in the history of Bay bridge, I’m glad a pedestrian and bike trail were added to the design of the new Bay Bridge. The Golden Gate bridge has had one from the beginning.  I was In Nepal and thinking to get there as soon as I get back to bay area. Now pedestrians and cyclists have the chance to travel across the new East Span of the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge. and from my place to the final point to the bicycle access line in Bay bridge is approximately 26 miles but luckily there is good and safe bicycle trail to reach there. But no chance to ride up to San Francisco from the east bay where I live. Soon it will meet Yerba Buena Island and the notice board on the bridge say the project will be completed by summer 2015 and I am really excited to ride up to the point where I can take my bike. Now it’s only 2.2 miles between Oakland and Yerba Buena Island left incomplete. It is said that the contractors must dismantle a portion of the original bridge that sits in the way. I  especially don’t like watching the old bridge in various stages of deconstruction. Though they have to do it since it’s now no use and new bridge is already in use.. After driving across the old bridge for so many years it is obvious to love it. .But always new things over take the old one and Lets hope it will finish soon and get the access for all the bike lovers to the Island.

If you love out-door and cycling , then don’t miss it , it’s a fun-filled and you don’t have to be a pro. just you need a good road bicycle that is good enough to ride.   If anybody interested to go and enjoy the bay bridge, there are three access points provide a direct route to the bicycle and pedestrian path: (or visit the official site ; One at Shell mound Street in Emeryville, just outside the IKEA store; another at the corner of Maritime Street and Burma Road in Oakland; and a third, which is an AC Transit stop, at the Bay Bridge toll plaza (NOTE: This stop provides eastbound service only — there is no westbound service from this location).

Beside bay bridge, Golden gate bridge is one of the best destinations for the bicycle lovers and they love and dream to ride at least once in a life time. It’s always to good to have your own bike and time to explore the magnificent site of the bay bridge but don’t worry you can easily rent a bike and have fun. According to Trip Advisory site “For Renting a bike and riding across the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the best outings when visiting San Francisco. There are great views the entire way and it’s a wonderful opportunity to see one of the world’s most recognized landmarks “up close and personal.” You can rent bikes at Fisherman’s Wharf By renting at Fisherman’s Wharf, you will not have to cross the heavy traffic lines of San Francisco. The entire ride is mostly off city streets safe and fun fill ride can be achieved even if you are not a pro of bicycling.

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