Book Release and anniversary of Taste of the Himalayas

Book Release and anniversary of Taste of the Himalayas

WHEN: January 8, 2014, 5:30 PM

FOR: Taste of the Himalayas release of Taste of the Himalayas: A Gift from the Finest Himalayan Restaurant and 9th anniversary celebration.

WHO: Douglass Osheroff a Nobel Prize winner in physics, David Seaborg evolutionary biologist, Dhruva Thapa writer, chef, and co-owner of Taste of the Himalayas, and Jamie Soja, photographer.

WHEREYoga Kula 1700 Shattuck Ave, 2nd Floor, Berkeley

The Berkeley landmark restaurant Taste of the Himalayas is celebrating its 9th anniversary with the release of the cookbook Taste of the Himalayas: A Gift from the Finest Himalayan Restaurant onJanuary 8, 2014. Included in the celebration will be chief guest Douglass Oseroff, a Nobel Prize winner in physics and professor at Stanford University, who will be giving a speech. Also in attendance will be evolutionary biologist, peace activist, author and leader in the environmental movement, David Seaborg who will be giving a short presentation about The World Rain Forest Fund.

The Gourmet Ghetto restaurant has become a key and unique locale of North Berkeley. The restaurant has received many excellent reviews in mainstream media including The San Francisco Chronicle who wrote, “The tender, spicy momo is worth seeking out [and] you feel both far, far away and right at home.” Chef and co-owner Dhruva Thapa, the writer of the cookbook, researched and developed the recipes including many throughout extensive trips to Himalayan regions such as Nepal. He traveled to small villages to learn first-hand techniques and recipes that have never been featured in a cookbook written in English. Taste of the Himalayas: A Gift from the Finest Himalayan Restauranttakes you to the culinary journey through hidden valleys, mountains, and plains of the great Himalayan region. The product of Dhruva’s passion and dedication is a beautifully illustrated book that will spark your interest in food rarely seen in the western world with incredible flavors. His recipes have been featured on, Yogi Times Magazine, the Berkeley Athletic Fund (BAF), Karma Kitchen, and much more. The book’s extensive photographs were taken by one of the Bay Area’s prominent photographers, Jamie Soja. Jamie has been a photographer for the past ten years working with publications such as the Oakland Tribune, S.F. Weekly, and notable figures in the world culinary scene such as top ten all-time bestselling cookbook author Mollie Katzen, Anthony Bourdain, and Morimoto.

The event is also jointly organized by Yoga Kula, upstairs from Taste of the Himalayas, a Wellness Center that offers a diverse range of services intended to nurture your soul, strengthen your body, and bring balance into your life. Yoga Kula will also offer a variety of programs on this special occasion.

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