Do you know this Fermanted drinks?

first, second, third, and fourth days Fermented drinks.

I love Fermented food! I am sure you too love it. Last Year during the pandemic I shared lots of fermented foods from Nepal that are traditionally prepared in a rural part of the country by the local ethnic community. Making and storing some fermented foods or drinks are common in one community and some things are forbidden in another community. That’s why these healthy and probiotic foods and drinks are also based not only in the region but also in the ethnic community of Nepal. But now these practices become common to most people for commercial purposes. It’s no more reserved for certain groups of ethnic communities. The primary fermented traditional foods and beverages of Nepal so far known are Masyaura, Kinema, Gundruk, Sinki, Khalpi, Mesu, Chhurpi, Dahi, Mahi, Ghiu, Fulaura, Jilebi, Selroti, and two popular drinks are Jandh(Chhyang), and Rakshi.
But I have never seen Making Kanji in Nepal Maybe I am mistaken, it could be available in some parts of Nepal if you know please feel free to comment so that I can appreciate your knowledge. The process and fermentation used for making kanji are familiar to our kitchen and have many health benefits. As it has lots of antioxidants, rich in dietary fiber, vitamin K and Vitamin C, Potassium, and Maganese, known to boost your digestion.
It is a trendy probiotic drink in North India. It just needs four to five ingredients. If you have never tried it just think it is somewhat similar to Kombucha. I had these drinks when I studied in India, one of my friend’s moms used to bring them, and then I never tried to learn them. I used to share with her our traditional other fermented pickles prepared by my mom and she always appreciate it. Right now I am in the process of making it in different batches. I will share the recipe as soon as I prepare two or more batches myself and taste it. Stay tuned.

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