Quarantine, summer vacation, and our family life.

As the coronavirus pandemic rapidly turned the “new normal” household into hubs for all daily activities, Summer 2020 now means moving parents’ offices, kid’s camps, vacation destinations, and virtually everything under one roof. Life during this pandemic is difficult for parents and kids alike.  Have we ever thought about it? Even in the dream, we had never thought to live our life like this.

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We know COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has not only affected day to day life but it has also slowed down the global economy, our perception, and way of living. This pandemic has affected thousands of peoples no matter which part of the glove they live. People all over the world are either sick or are being killed due to the spread of this disease. The most common symptoms of this new viral infection are not really unique or unfamiliar to us. Like fever, cold, cough, bone pain, and breathing problems, and ultimately leading to pneumonia are the early sign to be infected by this virus. These are just the direct effects of the pandemic but so many indirect and long term consequences and effects are yet to come.

Although this quarantine has made strong family bonds, we are able to spend our time with the family but too much is always too much, as a human being we always longing for freedom and comfort of our own. At least in these modern days, people like to be independent, live freely, and plan for a vacation. At least during the summer holidays when kids are at home they plan to visit or celebrate outdoor parties, picnic or campings. Even many graduates missed their ceremonies and few of them lucky enough to get it drive through Graduation ceremony or live from Facebook or Zoom. But they are now all the time at home. As summer rises it can also ignite the already heated stresses and struggles facing many Americans during this difficult time, making optimal home climate control a critical key to keeping their cool as temperatures, as well as the current pandemic, heat up this season. the condition worsens even if we think to go out and to date, we don’t have any vaccines to control this scary virus. Need not to say how badly the situation has affected our day to day life, businesses manufacturing industries and many goods are not easily available due to lack of workers in the manufacturing plants as well as travel restrictions. Most of the businesses are which are open during this time are just a curve site pickup. that has reduced sales and productivity.

Recent studies show how our increased togetherness can significantly disrupt domestic bliss. In fact, research suggests that people forced to live in quarantine conditions face a greater risk of anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress symptoms.

And, despite feeling close to their children during the pandemic, 61percent of parents say they have shouted, yelled, or screamed at them at least once over the past two weeks, according to a University of Michigan study. Further, married and engaged couples in quarantine are fighting more, with only 18 percent of surveyed couples reporting satisfaction in communication with their partner.

Bottom line is we have to be careful and deal wisely for this unexpected pandemic and co-operate with each other to overcome this stressful situation. As a parents or any one of the family members, we have to think that each one is dealing with the ongoing crisis differently . All the time try to create a supportive, positive and nurturing environment and respond accordingly to handle the situation without disrupting their emotions and feelings. Engage in routine activities, let not misuse the free time spending hours online . Regular Yoga practice , Meditation, reading, online trainings and courses and give time to your hobbies, we may not not enough time to complete our hobbies at home if the life is normal and busy in our daily life. we know most of us are really frustrated and anxious for uncertain situations. Life is not always as easy as we think but have to learn from the current situation to make our future better if not best. let’s handle it with a positive note, “it’s not only okay, but normal, to feel frustrated or anxious .”

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