Let me get some positive vibe

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Let me get some positive vibe.


Every morning,  my inbox are full of messages
sent by different subscribers, apps and medias.
I know,  I am more concern  about the world.
that’s why  I always love to  get updated
everything that happen in and around.
but I get disturbed and frustrated
every time  when I open my computer.
every time  when I turn on TV, Radio,FM.
even My inbox are full of messages.
knowingly or unknowingly, subscribed
by the great medias, apps, popups.
but ……
again I get disturbed and frustrated.
or even overwhelmed by its contents.
as if  there is nothing going on right.
everywhere there is only the news of.
negative vibes….
about the story of
violence, corruption,  robbery,  rape.
kidnapped, bullying,  discriminations.
as if  there is nothing going on right.
carrying the messages of positive vibe.
Even when I close all those sites,
delete messages unsubscribe it.
tossed the newspaper in the bin.
but still can’t erase anything from the mind
that has already recorded as a default
in my mind thoughts and all around me.
as a negative vibe with my own.
super sensitive WiFi of my brain.
but I am trying to escape from all these.
where only positive vibes transmit.
with positive notion.
for the sake of  this beautiful universe
where we all live,
I know there is so many  good news
but most of the medias carry only
negative things  as a news.
I wish  I could develop a device
that could only transmit positive vibe.
l WILL have an option to tune in.
only positive constructive and soothing news.
so that  we could disable  all the negative thoughts.
so that  no remnants of negativity persist in this world.
and I will have option to tune in only positive vibe. only Positive vibe.

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