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Food and Sports talk with author and poet Dhruva

Food and Sports talk with – Berkeley Mon 8-18-14 cast: Michael Duca (host), David Zizmor, Joe Hawkes Beamon, Jeremy Kahn, Morris Phillips, Dhruva Thapa( Executive Chef/writer of the Taste of the Himalayas Cookbook) and Lee Leonard (producer). Featured in Bay areas most popular Sports Radio Service. Click on the red button to listen radio show. Catch exclusive interview with some

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The Truth Behind 4 Food Myths

(NewsUSA) – Don’t you just hate food scolds? Especially when they’re as certain they’re right as all those tech geniuses were about iPhones never replacing Blackberries. Well, in some cases, people are actually basing their assumptions on either pure myth or the latest diet fad. You know, as in: Gluten is bad for you. And listening to them can actually

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Healthy Foods You Might Not Be Eating … but Should

More Sharing ServicesShare| Share on facebookShare on myspaceShare on google (NewsUSA) – Many of us are looking for fresh ways to lead healthier lifestyles and eat nutritiously, without having to sacrifice flavor. You may already be eating fruits and veggies, like broccoli and bananas, but here are five nutritional superstars you should be piling on your plate if you aren’t

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नोबेल पुरस्कार बिजेता द्वारा पुस्तक विमोचित

नोबेल पुरस्कार बिजेता द्वारा नेपाली खानाको पुस्तक विमोचित पौष २५ ,भर्जिनिया विजय थापा as Published in Various Online and Print Medias… जनवरी ८ तारिख अमेरिकाको क्यालिफोर्नियाको बर्क्ली स्थित नेपाली चमेना गृह “टेस्ट अफ द हिमालयज”को ९ औ बार्षिक उपलक्ष्यमा उक्त चमेना गृहका संचालक मध्येका एक ध्रुव थापाद्वारा लिखित अंग्रेजी भाषामा नेपाली खानाको पुस्तकको बिमोचन नोबेल पुरस्कार बिजेता डग्लस ओसेरोफ्ले गर्नु

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10th Anniversary & book launching event.

10th Anniversary of Taste of the Himalayas and book launching event Berkeley’s Best: Taste of the Himalayas -as published in Berkeley Daily Planet is celebrating its 9th anniversary and Cookbook Release party on Jan. 8th 2014. The restaurant has become one of the iconic in the great Gourmet Ghetto of North Berkeley and featured many times in local and main

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Book Release and anniversary of Taste of the Himalayas

Book Release and anniversary of Taste of the Himalayas WHEN: January 8, 2014, 5:30 PM FOR: Taste of the Himalayas release of Taste of the Himalayas: A Gift from the Finest Himalayan Restaurant and 9th anniversary celebration. WHO: Douglass Osheroff a Nobel Prize winner in physics, David Seaborg evolutionary biologist, Dhruva Thapa writer, chef, and co-owner of Taste of the Himalayas, and Jamie Soja, photographer. WHERE: Yoga

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