म आफ्नै मौनतामा निस्सासिएको छु !

म सोच्दै छु ,म किन चुप बसे तर तिमि र उ पनि त चुपचाप बस्यौ ! सुरुवात त हामीबाटै हुनुथ्यो होइन र ? दोष अरुलाई दिएर परिवर्तन हुन्छ ?“सही सोचलेनै सुन्दर समाजको सिर्जना हुन्छ,” भनेरतिमि र मैले संगै पढेको हैन र ?आज किन चुक्यौ ? दोष किन अरुलाई ? हो सुन्दै छु कोहि, “धर्म र […]

समयको महत्व र मेरो सिटीजन घडी

हिज जस्तो लाग्छ बुबाले “ला यो घडी लगा” भनेर सुनौलो रंगको सिटीजन घडी दिएको । मलाई थाहा छ त्यसबेला म आठ कक्षामा पढदै थिए र हाई स्कुल जाने तर्खरमा थिए । गाउ देखि टाडा सहरमा जहाँ मेरा अग्रज दाजु दिदीहरु पडन जाने गर्थे। त्यसबेला उनीहरुको गाँउमा शाननै अर्कै हुन्थ्यो थाहै नपाई सारा जीवन शैलीनै परिवर्तन […]

Himalayan Nettle leaves soup

When I was in High school in Kalimpong, a hill station of Darjeeling, one of my friend’s dad served me the soup while I was badly suffering for common cold. It was my first experience to have nettle leaf and I never forget the taste and texture of the soup.   Stingy nettle is popularly called […]

Marinated/ marinated Soybean ( Sadeko Bhatmas) It is not appropriate to call it Salad, but I don’t know what else I have to call it, In the Nepali Language we call it Sadeko Bhatmas which means marinated Soybean. But the process of marination is also completely different. Please watch the video for a detailed preparation […]


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How to cast your vote to favorite chef !!

Click this Link for voting : I am both humbled and honored that you have supported me from day one. on Feb 15th I was in the 18th position in my group, Yesterday you all voted me to be in the top 10 but within two days you pushed me to the 3rd position in […]

Chef Thapa short listed for Favorite Chef Contest, voting line open now.

The Chef of Ajanta Distinctive Indian cuisine and the author of Taste of the Himalayas cookbook is one of the short-listed chefs for Favorite Chef contest. He is one of the well-known Indian and Himalayan restaurant chefs of Berkeley managing three restaurants in Berkeley since 2004 is a passionate chef award-winning poet, blogger author, and […]

Village style fish curry

Here is the simple but delicious way of cooking small fish. Most of the people afraid to eat small fish as it has lots of bones and find difficult to eat. but if we take few precaution we can make really delicious small fish curry. Ingredients: 2 LB fresh & Local Small fish 2 Large […]

How you are spending your days at home during COVID-19

I know like me there are lots of people who are doing something new during this uncertain time of a global pandemic, natural calamities, racial protest, election and lots of uncertainty that we have never imagined in our entire life. I just want to hear from you . During this free time what you did […]


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