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Bhedetar a new destination for visitors

Nepal is famous for tourist destination with cultural and geographical uniqueness with a unique sets of hospitality, honesty and bravery. If you travel from one part of the country to another you will find  completely different features with unique culture, food, language or even the ethnic groups. Similarly if you are visiting  Eastern Nepal then I am sure you love

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आधुनिकता र बिलासितासित जोडिएको एउटा एस्तो रोग : मधुमेह अर्थात डाइबिटिज

आधुनिकता र बिलासिता सित जोडिएको एउटा एस्तो रोग जसले आधुनिक दुनियालाई लाचार र आशक्त बनाइ रहेको छ त्यो हो डाइबिटिज अर्थात् ( मधुमेह ) साधारण नेपालीमा भन्ने हो भने चिनी रोग जसमा टाइप २ डाईबिटिज झनै खतरनाक र धेरै नेपाली अथवा साउथ एसियाली मानिसहरुमामा यसको असर धेरै देखिएको छ। हालै क्यानाडाको वाटर लु बिश्वबिधालयका सोधकर्ता र लेखक कारी विन्सेंटको अनुसार

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Looking back to one year of Service

My special gratitude to you I am using this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me throughout the period of my Presidency. it would not have been possible without the kind support and help from all the Past Presidents of our Club and my entire team and every  individuals of our club’s members, community leaders, District and

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