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आधुनिकता र बिलासितासित जोडिएको एउटा एस्तो रोग : मधुमेह अर्थात डाइबिटिज

आधुनिकता र बिलासिता सित जोडिएको एउटा एस्तो रोग जसले आधुनिक दुनियालाई लाचार र आशक्त बनाइ रहेको छ त्यो हो डाइबिटिज अर्थात् ( मधुमेह ) साधारण नेपालीमा भन्ने हो भने चिनी रोग जसमा टाइप २ डाईबिटिज झनै खतरनाक र धेरै नेपाली अथवा साउथ एसियाली मानिसहरुमामा यसको असर धेरै देखिएको छ। हालै क्यानाडाको वाटर लु बिश्वबिधालयका सोधकर्ता र लेखक कारी विन्सेंटको अनुसार

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Lets Preserve and Promote three Ts of the queen of the Hills.

I am not from Darjeeling but I can’t forget the memory I had in Darjeeling as I  studied there , as we all know  most of the world famous Schools and Colleges of the Hills were established more than 150 years ago. Since then Darjeeling is renowned for its centers of educational excellence. students from the neighboring countries come to study

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Bhedetar a new destination for visitors

Nepal is famous for tourist destination with cultural and geographical uniqueness with a unique sets of hospitality, honesty and bravery. If you travel from one part of the country to another you will find  completely different features with unique culture, food, language or even the ethnic groups. Similarly if you are visiting  Eastern Nepal then I am sure you love

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Teej: A unique and sparkling festival of Nepal

Teej Festival is popularly known as Dar khane din or nachney, gaune and barta basney (means having grand feast, dancing and fasting) festival specially observed by Nepali Hindu women. It takes place in August or early November. The festival is celebrated three days long followed by feast dance and a rigid fasting. It is rigid in the sense while taking

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