How to Make Nepali Special Goat Pakku ?

Slow cooked dry Goat meat is popularly known as Khasiko pakku in Nepal. It is consider to be one of the delicacy specially prepared during Dashain Festival of Nepal. Traditionally in the past without refrigerator people used to keep it in room temperature for more than a week due to less moisture and cooked in such a way that it won’t get spoil fast. But we recommend you to handle safely after cooking and preserving the meat.

Dashain Special

When we think or talk about Dashain, we often go back to our childhood days when we used to have lots of fun and expect to get new clothes during Dashain festival. The festival is symbolizes as victory over evils. it is , also known as Bijaya Dashami, one of the longest and most auspicious festival in Nepal.  Generally the festival takes place in the month of  September to October based on  Solar Calendar and lasts for 15 days long .

for me dashain is the time to reunion the family members. Most of the family members spend Their times together even if they are far or near they get special time to visit their family and receive blessings from the elders. During the festival most of the educational institutions and other public offices  remain closed and all go for the festive mood. That’s why to feed the large family members and relatives often goat or other animals are sacrificed and prepared delicious dishes out of it. Among all the dishes Pakku ( slow cooked goat meat)  is one of the most popular dish prepared during the festival.

So I am sharing the video of details steps to prepare Goat Pakku. Special thanks to my wife Sabita who helped me to prepare this video. Hope you will enjoy the recipe if you need in details you can get the full recipe in my cookbook ” Taste of the Himalayas”.

Goat Pakku ready to serve.
Note: Cool down the meat and preserve it for a week long festival . Your guests will love it..

First time Published on October 6, 2018

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