fourth of July and Pandemic.

Today we are celebrating the freedom
that made this great nation,
it was not an easy journey
Men and women fought for it
that we are observing now on the fourth of July.

founding fathers !!
we still remember you
with great pride,
for making this great nation
we remember the great sacrifice
That gave birth to a great nation.

The proclamation that was issued on
the fourth of July that all the colonies are free
from the monarchy where the “ Sun never set”.
we know many Battles were fought,
and lots of blood were shed.

This land we call it
the land of opportunity
for those who belong here
or who just wish to be

now we have another battle to fight
to save the nation and its citizen
from the global pandemic
for that, you don’t need arms
just need to be peaceful and calm.

In God, we believe so let’s promise
to celebrate this great day full of pride
but maintaining a social distance and using our sense
to control this pandemic from spreading.

In the past men and women
fought for independence
and gave us this great nation,
that’s why we celebrate
the power of courage,
and faith on a particular day,
the fourth of July as Independence Day.

but this year it will be different,
we know we are not used to these changes
celebrating without fireworks, outings, and BBQs.

we know it’s hard to celebrate without any gathering
covering our face
wearing a mask
and not going out
and being super conscious
to wash our hands
even afraid of touching our own face.

But we have to accept it. We have to follow it
right now we are in a critical time!
still, we can celebrate safely
just maintaining the social distance
and not making a large gathering.
we know, the time will come again
if we all are safe and fine.

This poem was first published on July 4th, 2020 when Pendamic was in its pick.

Categories: Poetry/Story