A diary of an immigrant


Life is a struggle, sacrifice and penance is a never-ending test, if I do only what is easy in life then life is really hard but if every hard and hard work in life is given first priority then life is simple, easy and Becomes happy ”. This is what Maya knows and understands life. ” She is writing in her diary and wonders how she came to save her life today.

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She started thinking about what had happened a while ago. The metro train (BAART) is running at its own speed. The number of people getting on and off at every station has not decreased, it is almost eleven o’clock at night. Outside, the cold sea breeze of the Bay Area has caused a heart-wrenching winter. Suddenly he hears the train sinking under the sea and arrives at Oakland station in a few minutes, from where he has to go to El Cerrito via Berkeley.
A group of young boys from Oakland entered the train, they started making noise and chaos shouted, and sat next to her, Maya always feels a kind of fear and cold when she comes to Oakland alone at night because she knows it is the most infamous city in the region where shooting and looting are common. As if she was not afraid, she is inserting the iPhone wire in her ear and held his bag and phone in the pocket of her overcoat. But her attention is focused on the boys. There are only a few people on the train. The train starts rolling again at its own speed and takes a deep breath and thinks there is not much to reach its destination from here. But their gestures make me feel cold, The train has not yet crossed the city of Oakland and she hadn’t decided what to do next ” She just wished instead of going on the train it was better to change the route and take a bust. She curiously checked the route of the AC transit on the iPhone app, in Berkeley, she sees the bus arriving at the right time which is passes close to her apartment. The boys were still shouting and making a noise it seems that they go to Richmond, whatever happens on the way, their gestures don’t feel good to her. So instead of going, she feels safe landing on the train and taking a bus. She gets off the train in downtown Berkeley.
She picks up the bus from Berkeley and takes a deep breath and sits in her seat. The bus landed at Albany and El Cerrito through the Solano tunnel, and seeing almost all the gentlemen on the bus, she felt a kind of happiness in her heart and felt her decision was right, life is more precious than money. What happened if It cost a little more, but was safe. How to go with all your doubts and fears? Playing things in his mind, The bus announced the name of the road close to her apartment where she has to get off. She requests to stop the bus and leaves in a hurry. She looks around and runs toward her apartment. She opens the door, her roommates haven’t returned from their jobs yet. She takes out a bottle of water from the fridge and puts it in her mouth and the bottle is emptied in one breath.
After changing her dress she waits for her roommates, turns on the TV, and tunes on the local news, where the news of the looting in Bart in front of the station next to El Cerrito and Richmond is shown as breaking news. Oh God what a perfect time you saved me!
The same restless mind she switches off the TV and starts taking out a diary and starts writing, “Always believe in yourself, never consider your ability and conscience as weak and helpless, this is the first rule of life. Other things can be achieved only if there is life. Living life is not about crying, shouting, and ruining the lives of others.”
Again, she goes into her past, and how she has left her home, family, and minor children to fulfill their American dream. Again, she thinks that he has left home, family, and minor son and daughter and they are counting the days to come. In this way, even after working night and day to save herself from suffering in waiting, now it is almost three to four years.
She started writing again, “Only those who make sacrifices, austerities, and dedication in life can attain happiness, prosperity, and happiness.” she again thinks if I have lived alone for so many years, It’s now just a few months left. If the situation in Nepal is politically stable she would never come alone to this country, In the land of hire and fire, work is never safe here, even if you do thousands of good deeds, one mistake is enough to lose your job. She feels sometimes so frustrated and almost gives up her all hopes. She knows there is a lot of good and easy work in the United States, but for that, the country does not recognize the education learned and studied in their home country. When you come here after middle age, very few immigrants prefer to go to college and attain their dream jobs. Most of them have to compromise with their present life and accept the situation ending up doing odd jobs. That’s why she also thinks it is good and starts working night after night. This is not just a problem for one person like us, it is a problem for almost immigrants living in this country. But most of them are successful because of hard work and leading a financially good life owning their own house and business.
Suddenly someone opens the door of the room, and she feels a chill in her soul. It was her roommate Prabha, just arrived from her work. She explains that there was a heavy security check on the train and it took almost two hours to reach here. She heard that there was a robbery on the train but fortunately she was not on that train as she had gone to meet her friend after work. But how come you are here so early? You suppose to come on the same train right? Yeah, but I got off the train and took a bus as I sense something wrong could happen if I didn’t change the train. She explains the whole incident to Prabha.
It is about half-past two in the morning. They start to gossip, forgetting all the incidents they faced on the way and the fatigue of the day, Taking out some food from the fridge, they both started cheering for a glass of wine just to have fun. They don’t have to rush to the work as they both have an off day and they could sleep for half a day tomorrow. This is life here! So-called American life for typical immigrants! But they have hope and desire and soon they will be leading a successful life soon. Soon their families will be reuniting living a happy life with their loved ones.

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