How you are spending your days at home during COVID-19

I know like me there are lots of people who are doing something new during this uncertain time of a global pandemic, natural calamities, racial protest, election and lots of uncertainty that we have never imagined in our entire life. I just want to hear from you . During this free time what you did something that you always wanted to do and never had enough time? May be working on your favorite hobbies, paying attention to your writing skills, doing yoga at home or online classes, trying something new to cook? or completely different that we can’t imagine or guess !! Please feel free to share your experience because in a stressful year of 2020 or just say COVID-19 keeping a good vibe is very important and you can inspire other to be happy and positive in this difficult time.

During this time of uncertainty and lots of scary time many people learnt about the importance of being creative with the limited resources, living with limited resources and caring each other and appreciating the job most of the people used to do for us as we had to do everything by ourself. Due to the pandemic, the entire globe has come to a standstill, confining all of us to our homes. “Every dark cloud has a silver lining”. We already realized that how it was difficult for all of us to stay at home all the time, but we have learned to adjust with the situation and handle it in our own way by indulging ourselves in some essential and fun activities.

Most of us learn to “appreciate that small acts of kindness and gratitude to other family members helps to boost emotional wellbeing”. we can’t ignore the fact that this scarcity has taught a great lesson to be united and help each other to solve the collective problems that the world is facing right now. There is no poor or rich or developed or developing countries to face this global pandemic differently and living with ease and in peace of mind. we have learned to live the life in new normal with limited wants and resources. we realized the importance of taking care of ourselves in different ways we realize the value of time and life is not always same. Some days can be harder than others and it is just fine to live in such kind of situations. we know most of us has missed daily interactions at work or school with fellow friends and missed going out for a drink, lunch or a birthday party with friends, it’s ok because we are safe and living a healthy life. just imagined the family who have lost their loved one forever, it’s ok not to celebrate some of the social gathering this year. It’s not the end of the world we have lot to do in near future. just be positive and stay safe doing something that you never got enough time to do in your entire life.

This stay at home order for nonessential activities has made us think to do something essential in our life. So in this time I did so many unusual things in my life that I had even never thought . Before sharing my activities I just want to hear from you. Please write in the comment section how did you spend your time during this lockdown? Let’s share how we spent and spending our time during this difficult time. encourage each one of us to Stay happy, positive and healthy!

As I said earlier that I did so many things during this lockdown or stay at home order time. Out of that today I am sharing one-week challenges for myself to prepare regular juicing video and publish in social media. I got lots of positive comments and lots of folks inspired by healthy habits. I saw few comments saying it’s just of waste of such great fruits and vegetables, you could eat them all instead of juicing and throwing out the extract. Reading their comments I got a bit confused drinking fresh juice is not a healthier way than eating whole fruits and vegetables? I know ready-made juice available in the market is not so healthier as they contain lots of fructose or extra sugar or preservatives.  but if you have a juicer and make your own favorite drink then that is really awesome. you feel so refresh and energized after drinking a glass of fresh juice at home.

I know some of you believe that juicing is better than eating whole fruits and vegetables because our body can easily absorb the nutrients and we don’t eat so many fruits or vegetables at the same time as juicing it, we hardly eat one apple or half carrot or something like that but Juicing extracts the juice from lots of fresh fruits or vegetables that you normally don’t like to eat. However, you may say that whole fruits and vegetables also have healthy fiber, which is lost during most juicing. I agree but you are making a good choice for your digestive system a rest and we can’t ignore the fact that fresh juicing can reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, remove toxins from your body, aid digestion and help you lose weight. I am not saying it’s always the best to have fresh juice. But there are so many fruits and vegetables that we normally don’t like to eat or don’t like the taste or even textures but mix juicing may help them to add to your diet. The choice is yours if you like to eat fresh fruits or juice but make sure to add it to your daily diet which is also one of the healthy habits. or even if you don’t like juicing you can blend it adding some almond or any kind of milk on it and make a fresh smoothie as it contains all the fibers that can feel your content and happy but Make sure to add some fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

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