Anarsha- Nepalese festival bread.

Wish you all Happy Dipawali or Tihar( festival of Light) .

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Poppy Seed Rice Bread, Anarsha-Roti (अनर्षा)
Anarsha is one of the most delicious and delicate rice breads made during Tihar( Dipawali) festival of Nepal. It takes a really expert hand to make it (or lots of practice!) It is made with equal portions of rice flour and sugar without adding water. Some people add ground almond or cashew but it is not always necessary to do so.


1 lb. cleaned Basmati rice, soak for at least 5 hours then drain excess water and let it dry, then grind the rice into a fine moist powder.
1 lb. sugar
2 tsp. cardamom powder
½ cup ground cashew or almond powder freshly ground
1 cup poppy seeds, can be substituted with sesame seeds if you don’t have poppy seeds
clarified butter, do not use other cooking oil
¼ cup lemon juice

deep frying pan
large flat pan

Preparation of making…

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