Please don’t ask me to write a poem!

Please don’t ask me to write a poem
Words are flying out of my mind
trying to pack a hole with cement.
an unexpected elevator pitch
Fail to tickle your brain any more
Like a caterpillar role in a dinner plate.
it always turns out to be misery
Like summer lesson of icing the cake
It’s not always just a piece of cake.
Please don’t ask me any more favor
Can’t do buy one, get free anymore
Hoard of digital value as an asset.
still, asking me to write a poem?
I can’t be anymore a book jacker
Just handling a cyber inheritance.
When you think a poet, a waste of time
the poem is just a bag of wants,
How can I write a poem any more?
When you say don’t give up the day job
I submerge into the pond of my tears
Just feel like living together apart.
Self portrayed the status of social media
virtual identity or a kind of virtual legacy
Hiding away an untouched bag of wank.
I can’t mingle two flavors together
It’s just not as easy as sipping cocktails.

Categories: Poetry

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