Oh, Corona when do you leave?

Oh, corona! when do you leave?

Poem- A Cup of Tea!! Dhruva's creations

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Poem by Dhruva Thapa

As days are getting shorter
and trees are shading leaves,
oh ! corona, when do you leave?
when are you leaving us free?

Like falling all leaves from trees
Let all kids come out and play
with falling leaves on their way.

It is possible only if you leave
red, orange, and brown leaves.

As days, are getting shorter
and trees, are shading leaves,
oh! corona, when do you leave?
when is your, expiry date?
You have ruined all our fate
gentle winds, that begin to blow
stop spreading fast to slow
Birds are flying southern sky
pumpkins are getting ready for pie.

As days are getting shorter
and trees are shading leaves
oh! corona when do you leave?
lives are getting creepy every day
No kids are getting out to play
I long for season change to be
pray for this pandemic ends to be
when will this scary pandemic cease?
Making us free and live in peace.

oh! Corona, when do you leave?

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