Poem: Can we live our life as per our wish?

Once a Vedic Guru said,
This mystic universe and the life
were created with love and care,
presented it to us as a gift
for being one of the superior creatures,
it’s in our hands how we take care!
Then our for fathers nurtured it
With love and care created,
culture, customs, and civilizations
beautiful home with all the living-being
hoping that, Everything will be taken care of.
I just laughed and ignored him;
I believe in modern science
Our life is so comfortable
because of scientific power
Not by the supernatural power.
He further said, in our time
we simply forgot its creation
Claiming ourself as a creator
Trying to control the universe
With our superintelligence
developed artificial intelligence
Ignoring the cosmic intelligence
We just simply forgot
“The earth doesn’t belong to us
We belong to it”.
He further said,
Our advancement started with
Colonizing the world
with our Ego, supremacy
suppressing human values
Now we’re trying to colonize
the mars and the universe
Ignoring the cosmic values.
We are taught,
”We’re not created by GOD”
”no possibility of God in our Cosmos”.
But suddenly;
This pandemic
made me recall his statement,
“We are nothing but a
the mystery of the cosmic energy”
It’s not just a big bang!
There is something that controls us
If we are not just a gift of a cosmic wish
Can we live our life as per our wish?

Categories: Poetry/Story