It’s karma, a true mirror!

It’s karma, a true mirror

Yes friend
I meet myself
every corner of the house
From one room to another
I am a prisoner
Lockdown in my own yearning
But even tougher than a prison
Where at least someone comes to see you
Here you are warned not to come.

Yes friends
We had untouchability in our past society
But no more now it’s a constitutional crime
But what if I say keep a distance from me
You are untouchable and I am too!

Yes friends
We used to argue about the presence of God
You used to say we are now in the modern age
Scientific age, robotic age and the age of

most technologically advance and so on!!
Believe only what you see!
But now you’re asking me to believe
There is a scary power invisible, omnipresent
Lockdown yourself, be safe!!

Yes friends
There is a power
You call it life or death
You call it God or ghost
You call it rational or superstition
But there is a power of nature
A supreme power
Whatever you call it
But yes there it is !!
Compelled us to feel, realize and accept.

It’s karma, my friend!
So stay at the home
Shelter in home
Quarantine yourself
Or lockdown yourself.
Realize the power?
It’s supremacy?

If yes!
Pause your every step that leads to the destruction
That lead to inhumanity
That lead against nature, the earth or its creatures
If you realize how fragile we are
and act accordingly
Once again you will be free as a bird
Fly across the border in the open sky
Like a fish swing your fins in the depth of the ocean
Breathe the open air

Yes, friends,
the lockdown will be lifted
as soon as we realize it
Accept it and act accordingly
Believe it or not, it’s karma !!
That warns us never to go against nature, against the creator
We are just the tiniest part of it
In this universe we are nothing
Just realize it and do your best to repay to the creator for being human
The only human being of this tiny planet
And accept the power of nature
Power of the omnipresent creator
Who sometimes come to take your test
You have to pass with pride without any guilt
it’s karma, it’s a mirror!
It’s karma, a true mirror

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