Playing Table Tennis Tournament after 2 decades

I used to play #tableTennis or even popularly known as Ping Pong in my School to University days. For the first time I played here in The US  after 2 decades, I guess!

I just found this video clips may be it was in 2014 or 2015 Table Tennis tournament played in Albany Table Tennis club hall, if any one knows the exact date would be appreciated!! I think the event coordinator was Nuren Baral bhai at that time!! I remember It was semifinals!!

In this tournament I had just participated for the fun and had never done any training or regular practice to participate this event . It’s been long time but still had interest and  enthusiasm to play. That’s why I had enrolled my name as a player.

I just wanted to encourage youngster to play and unite for the good cause.

At First I thought not to play at all but my inner instinct inspired me as who cares how old I am. I know I can’t change my age. I am already at that time was mid 40s and most of the participants were High School to College students and some of them were just an amateur players of their mid or early 30s. I just wanted to be an example and want to enjoy the game as I used to play when I was a Student. My spirit and sportsmanship was still there, what I was lacking was practice and my size of body. Even you can see me over weight but had learnt and trained in my days.

I just wanted to give a message to youngster that if you want to play  table tennis as professional lever then start working towards it, discipline yourself and focus and most importantly start now. But at the same time I wanted to give this message to all who used to play in their days and had stopped playing  because of age, Don’t put it off. Don’t look at all the younger players around you and wish you were their age. You can’t bring back those days but you can train to be fit and enjoy your life. If you want to play just go in your spare time and start playing, don’t look around , or you may find lots of great players around you and you might feel inferior, Be positive you are still with the youngster playing in this age too. If you feel uncomfortable  just go with your friends who are of your age and level. play with them and have fun. As you can’t play like them and you are not playing to compete. Jus think you are there for your health and happiness.

Don’t think it is not perfect time to play , just think this is the right time to play to get in touch with other players and inspire them to play and at the same time you can inspire yourself to feel younger. if this article inspire some of my community members to join Pingpong please feel free to comment and lets start again. It’s been again so many years that I have stopped playing and want to go back again with you guys!!


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