Bhedetar a new destination for visitors

Nepal is famous for tourist destination with cultural and geographical uniqueness with a unique sets of hospitality, honesty and bravery. If you travel from one part of the country to another you will find  completely different features with unique culture, food, language or even the ethnic groups. Similarly if you are visiting  Eastern Nepal then I am sure you love to see the mount Everest but it’s not only the destination to visit. There are hundreds of places to visit and enjoy the natural beauty of Nepal in Eastern Nepal among them one of the easily accessible destination is Bhedetar.

If you are in Eastern Nepal and want to enjoy the beautiful place called Dharan do not forget to go up to the hill and enjoy the natural beauty of Bhedetar.   

Gateway to Bhedear is Dharan which  is well connected by buses to Kathmandu to Major cities of Nepal including Pokhara, Biratnagar, Dhanukuta, Hile and the Indian border at Kakarbhitta and Jogbani. if you prefer to fly, then the nearest and most convenient airport is in Biratnagar. 

Specially in the summer season  it’s worth to visit there.  Experiencing really hot and   dusty plain or the Terai, the cool climate of Bhedetar is refreshing and worth to visit. I have been to the place more than hundred times since my days in Nepal, we used to go to Bhedetar after getting tired of hot summer days working in Itahari or even in Dharan. It used to be our ultimate retreat to escape from our day to day life or even any one used to visit us to our home town Itahari we always love to take theme to Dharan and Bhedetar. Good thing about the place is   temperature that remains cool throughout the year. It is the gateway to Dharan for the people of hilly region.The place is also famous for hotels and the Charles Tower, named after the Prince Charles who visited this place in 1980s  the place is located at the hight of 1420 meter. From there if the weather is clear you can easily view over Mt. Everest and Makalu  Himalayas and the wide open Terai regions of easter Nepal. 

I had been to the place just two years ago when I visited Nepal with my wife but this time when I visited with my brother to attend a Lions event invited by one of the restaurant owner Bishnu, I found the towers were closed for the public due to  the devastating earthquake in  2015 and when I asked him how long it will take to reopen the tower, he said it might take one or two more years to reopen . I just left the place hoping to be reopen in my next visit. Bhedetar is  the  one of the popular  tourist spots so you can easily find good place to live with experiencing local authentic foods and relax yourself in the  resorts, hotels, restaurants or even now they offer home stay just few km away from the place called Namje which was also featured in CNN as one of the best place to visit which is still unknown to the western world which has magnificent views with full of natural beauty. The CNN placed Namje as one of the 12 best place to visit that you have never heard about it.

According to Lion Bishnu who just arrived from Namje to welcome us in Bhedetar said that he was busy in a program but managed to leave early to meet us with his sister Nanda, They  warmly welcomed us in his Hotel Arun Valley located just a few yards walk from the main station of Bhedetar Bazar. As we approached near the hotel we saw that the place was also featured and recommended in Lonely planet where you can find local food with ethnic liquor called Tongba and other delicious meals.  Just 9 km down towards Dhankuta from Bhedetar lies Namaste Jharana which is also one the popular destination for the hikers and nature lovers. Beside that Raja Rani Lake, Flag hill hiking, Magar culture and ethnic organic cuisine of Namje village living with the local people in their home gives an unique and unforgettable experience in a place which is unknown to the world but  has already become world renowned. When you plan to visit and live in this beautiful village home stay you would be the unique opportunity to know the culture, cuisine and community  with incredible spiritual activity.

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