Thapa’s poetry book unveiled in Berkeley.

English poetry book “ The dream we had together” unveiled in Berkeley.

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dhruvabookA poetry collection titled ‘The dream we had together’ by acclaimed poet, writer, editor and Nepali literary Journalism Award recipient Dhruva Thapa, officially released on Sunday, July 12, 2015 at Hs Lordships restaurant in the city of Berkeley, Ca, USA.

Release of the poetry collection was held during the joint Installation ceremony of two local Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna and Fremont Sagarmath by Lions Club 4C3 Past District Governor Denny Grotrian. on the same ceremony Mr. Thapa installed as the President of Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna and awarded with Lions of the year for his dedication and service to the community.

The poetry anthology has 40 selected English poems written during his stay in the U.S. from 2002 to 2015. Poet thapa is a published author of “Taste of the Himalayas cookbook, Nepali poetry book “Dhruva Thapaka geet ra Kabitaharu, and songwriter for “ultimate Target” Nepali Songs collection, and has edited number of Magazines, souvenirs and year book for the Nepalese organizations in Nepal and in the USA.
The book is chosen to be printed at Bay area alternative press , a Private non government funded volunteer based Printing house. The book is design by Nate, edited by Crystal and printed by the group of volunteers, cover is designed by Yogesh Dhakal, so it’s a collective effort and experimental poetry book of it’s own kind.
in the book three prominent writers, professor and teacher consultant have expressed their thoughts. They are Tika Lamsal, Ph.D., Department of Rhetoric and Language, University of San Francisco, Govinda Giri Prerana, Nepalese author and poet and Jim Hughes, Ph.D., Writer and teacher consultant, Bay Area Writing Project.
Here is a small abstract by Jim Hughes. …” Reading the poems of Dhruva Thapa is being in the presence of a great heart – one just, generous, and sympathetic. One of his most powerful poems is about serving in the revolution. Sadly, he discovers that once they had won the war, the same suffering and injustices returned…. But he never gives up hope: ‘I am waiting for the moment / When the day passes / Without alarming the night…’—jim hughes, Ph.D., Writer and teacher consultant, Bay Area Writing Project”. Similarly Dr.Lamsal says Poet and Literary Journalist Dhruva Thapa’s collection of poems… emerges as a notable contribution in the horizon of Nepali Diaspora Literature in North America.
After unveiling the book Dr. Denny wishes all the best to poet Dhruva for being President of Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna and publishing own poetry collection in english. Poet Thapa announced to donate any book collected after selling books on that special night will be donated to the victim of Earthquakes in Nepal and made it open to purchase the book by the participants of the event. A group of people who were present in the event really appreciated the book and enthusiastically asked to sign their personal copy.
Poet Thapa announced the book will be available soon online too but before that it will be available for book signing by the poet on a special literary event of 202nd Bhanu Jayanti celebration in San Francisco organized by (NANC) Nepali association of Northern California on july 19th 2015. Bhanu Jayanti is observed to celebrate birth anniversary to nepali poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharya, first nepali poet who translated the great epic “Ramayana from Sanskrit to Nepal was born in a small village called Chundi Ramgha in Tanahu District of Nepal. For more information about the book will be available soon in his personal website http://www.dhruvascreation.com.

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  1. This book is simply amazing. I have to say as a non-immigrant, I was able to feel every words in this book, it felt like the story of my own life. I was simply thrilled by authors love for the nature, women’s right, human emotions and the perception of life. The book is really addictive, i couldn’t stop once I started! Trust me, its going to be one of those book, you will treasure!