We were on the verge crisis

We were on the verge of crisis

I know I wanted to read and lead a happy life
But there was no choice in my part of life
I had to do all odd jobs before I get chance to go to School
And School was not near….. Have to cross rivers and forests.

They knew I wanted to learn, they saw my passion of learning
In my eyes. That’s why they’d chosen me to go with them
To fulfill the dream that we had dreamed all the time.
Through our eyes, through our strength they wanted
To bring changes, so we all pledged them to help and achieve
What we really wanted to get in our life.
A decent life, well-educated family and of course quality of life.
Where there would not be any suppression,
Or any kind of discrimination.

Everybody would get chance to lead a happy and prosper life
Without being suppressed by anyone, all will have their own rights
Equality and all the freedom they wanted for centuries.
I was told to sacrifice my life for the betterment of next generation
And of course for our own generations, so we were asked to raise voice
And then asked to take the life of those who suppressed us for centuries
So we all decided to bring changes in the society to the country as a whole
Like me there were thousands of day dreamers, came together to fulfil dreams
Left schools, daily jobs and all the tradition activities,
Instead took a vow to serve for the change.

We were told that “drastic changes comes through the barrel of a gun.”
Only then we would enjoy the true freedom and people rule and democracy .
In the process, lots of life were taken and given simultaneously and the day came
And we were informed that our bad days have gone, we won the war;
War against poverty, unjust and of course against the present systems,
“Now no one will remain backward, uneducated and would lead a quality of life:
At the same time all the suppressed voice would be heard.
Then we went home with broken limbs, amputated mind and body
Lost all our best friends and loved one but still there was hope to see the sunshine
The sunshine that brings all the brightness, removing all kind of darkness.

Next day I had been waiting for the sunrise, hoping to get the light in my body
But even in the mid-day no part of sun rays came to me or our village
Still I saw the same sufferings, pain frustration and unjust to our part.
Like me all were just hoping for the bright day, a day light
But the light was so faint it could not reach us and could not bring any changes.
But we were all apart and we were divided in the name of caste, creed, and religion to region….
We were on the verge of more dangerous situation than before…                                                                                                                                                                                   and leading a life to unknown crisis

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