New Year Poem “want to be what I am ….”

New Year

Today once again
I am in front of a calendar
Just tearing out last page of the year
And closing my old Diary
As today is the last day of the year
In front of me just lying a new diary
Which I just bought tonight…

But I am confused what to write in this diary.
Every year I have been writing some resolutions
Which hardly I followed but still
Every year I write new resolutions
New plan new hopes…

But the days are passing doing same things
Which I have been doing since last decades
That’s why this year I am thinking not to write
Any new resolutions in the diary
Just changing a dairy every year
And writing a new resolutions
Every year won’t help me.

That’s why this year I don’t want to write
Any resolutions to change myself
But to remain what I am

And want to be what I am ….
I have tried every year myself a lot to change
Like an actor in the film changes their characters
But after the shooting of the film he goes back home
With his own identity, problems and family affairs
That’s why what’s the worth to pretend to change oneself ?

If life goes as usual without any changes… instead
This year I want to be what I am and want to search
True meaning of myself in life and its purpose,
So that I don’t have to pretend to be anything
I can live, laugh and spend every moment being what I am
That’s why this year’s my resolutions would be
Not changing myself but to remain what I am from inside out
Let me live my life being what I am and who I am…….

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