My New Year’s Resolutions……

I have never made any “New Year resolutions” so far but all of a sudden I was attracted by one of my friends New Year resolutions posted on Facebook. First I just liked it without reading , I know most of us do the same, who bothers to read such a long status and write a comment .  Just liking only your friends on facebook will be happy and he won’t feel bad even if you don’t write any comment.

I don’t know why suddenly my curiosity developed to Google some of the New Year resolutions made by great celebrities instead of reading my friends’ resolution.

I started reading the lines from the author of the New year Resolutions book “A course in happiness, where he has written “”Resolutions are more sustainable when shared, both in terms of with whom you share the benefits of your resolution, and with whom you share the path of maintaining your resolution. Peer-support makes a difference in success rate with new year’s resolutions”.

Then I read Gretchen Rubin (author of the best-seller “The Happiness Project”): “You hit a goal, you achieve a goal. You keep a resolution”.

I know A New Year’s resolution is a commitment that a person makes to achieve personal goals, projects, or the habit s/he wants to change.  or wants to achieve something in the coming year. It’s a new path where you want to walk confidently with your broad vision that you set and define in your New Year resolutions,  but for me, I don’t have any resolutions written nor I want to write. That’s my way of thinking I don’t want to force you to follow my opinion. we are always free to do what we really want to do and achieve in the future. I know if I make some good resolutions and follow them strictly that will always be advantageous for my personal growth. So just in nutshell, I can say that it’s self-improvement laws or the bill that one makes for himself. So why to read other resolutions if that is not for me? There is no point to read others’ resolutions on Face book.
I was just thinking it all and I don’t know what happens to myself.  Suddenly I opened the wall of my friend’s New Year’s Resolutions and started reading it, I know I have thousands of plans and ideas and wish to accomplish them. so it’s worthless to mention all of them and achieve nothing at the end of the year.  If we can’t that will bring only frustrations and disappointment. so for me, there is no point to make any New Year Resolutions.
In his status, he has set some goals that reminded my past days of the yesteryears, I just turned back to my time machine and went back to some years back of my life. Suddenly I realized that writing new resolutions is to peeping back to my own past and find out faults and mistakes that we made in past years and want to rectify them in the future.
So I felt it is a good time for looking back to my own past. For the first time in my life, I visualized and flashback all my past days and found lots of mistakes that I had made in my life and at the same time I had achieved lots of things in my life, then I felt that I achieved all those things without writing any Resolutions than why to write now?
I know writing a resolution means to improve or achieve that we don’t have, go where we really want to go, do what we really want to do, improve that we really need to improve.  but for me, I didn’t see anything special that to mention or write as a resolution. Once again I started reading my friend’s facebook wall where he mentioned and listed the things to achieve in the coming year.
I felt happy for him to know that he wants to improve his habit of drinking less alcohol and eat healthy food than all his junk kinds of stuff. Want to focus in his studies to achieve better grades to get a better job, lose some weight to look handsome and attract new girlfriend, He has been working five days a week and attending his regular classes. He wants to control his level of stress and want to quit smoking, etc.
wow, what a great thought!  now I can see some good changes in my friend’s life. I felt glad and relaxed as if I achieved his goal and fulfilled all his resolutions, Suddenly my perception changed and realized that it’s great to write New year resolutions so that we can improve our life.
So without reading further from his wall, I was motivated to write my own resolutions which were more or less similar to him, then suddenly I stuck at some point in my life that I could not change myself since my High School days. I wanted to leave some of the bad habits and move forward to achieve my health and happiness. I realized most of my habits are similar to my friend’s habit,  then once again I turned back to his wall and started reading if he mentioned that too in his resolution, oh yes that was in his first priority list.
Wow, it’s good if he can change himself than why not I? His resolutions motivated me to be more bold and optimistic. I again turned to my wall and started writing more resolutions…. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ………. I wrote up to 20 points of resolutions for the first time. wow, what a relief and really my coming year going to be a great year I will be more ………wow wow……. I was so excited about reading my own Resolutions. then suddenly I came back to reality and become suspicious and asked some questions to myself
Can I?
will I?
should I?
Is it possible?
 I have to work hard and sacrifice a lot of things from my life if I really want to achieve what I wanted in my life. Then I started thinking practically and realistically. I felt my daily life would be even worse than the days when I was in a Boarding School. I have to follow lots of rules and regulations, but we always felt proud to break all those rules and bunked our classes and ran out of the school’s. In our school days ff we had followed what our Principal or Hostel matron asked us to do neither I or my friend would not have been writing most of these resolutions. Unknowingly I became apprehensive. I stopped writing and even thinking about what to write next in my resolutions, once again I opened my friend’s wall and started reading seriously, at the end of his resolutions he has written in all Capital letter  “ GOD PLEASE HELP ME TO FULFILL AT LEAST TWO RESOLUTIONS  THAT I HAVE BEEN WRITING SINCE MY SCHOOL DAYS”.
Suddenly the wall of his Facebook seemed blank to me and I had nothing to read further. I don’t know why I started deleting all the Resolutions that I  had just written for myself. I just left my status with lots of question marks,
 then at the end of the status, I wrote ” Happy New Year to all my Facebook friends”, then I logged out…
Source: American Chronicle by Dhruva Thapa, published in 2010

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