Stupid Mann a grand premiere held in Alameda


“Stupid Mann ” The story of love and subtle hearts, co produced by Niraj Baral and Bibek Shahi have successfully released it’s first  World premiere show on Aug 2nd  in Alameda, California.  Locally organized the world Premiere show  was represented by co producer and actor Niraj Baral  . The show was locally sponsored by various business houses and individuals.  It has got a  good news and social medias coverage resulting a grand and super heat show . It was a grand success and well  supported by the community leaders, well wishers and general public of San Francisco Bay area, said on the participants of the event. After watching the movie one of the popular community leader and critic of the movie said that the plus point of the movie is it is all shoot in Thailand, the picturesque locales of Phuket and it’s surroundings and blue oceans lures the audience of Nepal. He further said that he had never thought that the Nepali movie has come such a long way, with eye catching cinematography and musically rich songs. According to various viewers comments  the movie will be great hit, but has used a little bit more  Hindi dialogues but the music and Cinematography will overcome these issues.  In general it is believed  that the movie will do good in Nepal and abroad  since it has nice cinematography, good melodies and the story of an immigrant who faces hardship in foreign land.

Almost two months ago Jiwan Luitel one of the  lead actor of the movie said to Republica News paper , “It’s a good product and it’s all due to the combined efforts of the team. We have good music, some never-before-seen scenes with good cinematic flow.” The movie is based on love theme as the song; “Baru Pranai Jaaos” is also liked by many of the audiences. Even in the hall most of the audience were singing together with that popular song.  The movie is starred with the actors like Jiwan Luitel, Niraj Baral, Riju Shrestha and Chandani Shrestha.

NirajBaral officially thanked all the sponsors, organizers, medias for organizing such a wonderful evening. Baral himself as the producer of the movie has evoked that he is very much happy. In addition to that he has said that he feels like he is in Nepal . Baral has also said that it is the 12th movie that he has done and this is the movie which is produced by him.
He also handed over token of love to organizing team and also received an award  named ” NAGC emerging Super Star Award 2014” from NAGC  international president Mr. Mani Nepali followed by Jim Hughes who read a loud the appreciation letter presented to  actor and producer Niraj Baral .

on the event Baral  mentioned that it is the first movie which is fully shoot out in Thailand. He said that he is  positive to get good review and lots of love and support and it will be a blockbuster movie as the crew members in the movie has really worked hard. As mentioned by the actor Baral the shooting of the movie is done in Thailand so they had a plan to the premiere show in Thailand but but due to political situation and  the transitional phase in Thailand they could not do it in Thailand but successfully did in USA.
A Suva Films Pvt. Ltd. Presents – Nepali Movie ‘Stupid Mann’ Starting with jiwan Luitel, Niraj Baral, Chadani Sharma, Ritu Shrestha… Lyrics written by Dayaram Pandey, Arjun Pokhrel, Diwakarr Bhattarai, Kiran raj Karki, Background Music Composed by Tsujil Karmacharya, Music by Arjun Pokhrel, Edited by Dirgha Khanal, Screenplay: Samipya Raj Timilsina, Produced by Bibek Shahi, Directied by Diwakar Bhattarai. In conclusion the movie is great and loved by most of the audience of San Francisco Bay area and with popular demand they are showing the movie in Sebastiani Theater of Sonoma on Aug 5th .


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