In a cross road

I am driving in a cross road
Knows nothing where to go
But have to go one direction
Else there will be an accident
Just to evade an accident
I have to go either side
It is not my desire
But an obligation to overcome
A fatal accident that I can see.
I know it’s hard for me
to change custom or just compromise
But what if my changes liberate
The lives of innocent people
Who are just trying to move across.
Crossing all the barriers,
Cross road of their life
And wants to lead a happy life.
I have no right to suppress them
Their delight, desires, dreams.
I am nothing if I am alone
I have to turn for them
Just thinking my self to we, us and our.
So that everybody could lead a life
A really happy and peaceful life.
It’s worthless if we live for our ego
Which hinders the life of others?
And try to enforce our idealism.
They also have the right of way
To lead a happy and prosperous life
Without any dread, danger and distress
But why we always try to ride over them?
Just for our benefit? or our name and fame?
or just because we are powerful?
And riding a powerful hauler
Over the millions of innocence
Though there is no safe for all of us.
How can we ask them to forfeit their life?
If we all follow the right of way in life
There would not be any mishap
No child would face the misfortune
We know we are in the cross road of life
And riding a powerful hauler
it doesnt mean that we always have
the right of way to cross the road.

Categories: Poetry/Story