A Global Community with a Global Friendship.

A Global Community with a Global Friendship.
Dhruva Thapa
February 05, 2009
“The world has become a small village” with the development of Science and Technology, but with Internet it has even narrowed down to a community where we can share our common goals and ideas. The gap between you and me is just a “click”. That´s why we have to create a global community with a global friendship. It is possible only with the noble People and creative thought to make a difference in this fragile world. We know a noble world is made only by a noble people and their thoughts, deeds, actions and the feeling of being a part of it. Now it is in our hand to create a better place for our next generations. It is time to initiate mutual understanding to create peace and harmony in the world. Peace can prevail only if there are no discriminations about anything. Any bloody country which is suffering from terrorism to civil war can be ended if they develop the feeling of oneness and really try to think for the betterment of their folks. If we determine we can do it that proved the recent changes in the systems, like in Nepal more than two centuries monarchy was peacefully and dramatically ended. A long run Maoist movement that effected country for more than a decade ended up without any external pressure. First time in the history of America an African American Junior Senator won the American Presidency. It´s all happen because everybody wants peace, peace and only peace. Peace brings back the hope and hope brings courage and courage brings prosperity and development. If there is no frustration and desperation there will be always peace and prosperity. Peace and love can save this world from any kind of malevolent acts.

If we want peace in the world, then we should first develop peace in our heart. Where is peace? The peace lies within our heart. The heart is the source of peace, truth and love. But we often forget to pay attention to our heart and search peace in the outer world. We can´t get peace in the world if there is no peace in our heart. When we fill our heart with love there will be peace in the world. Our every work and deeds must be with love and no matter what we do, we must do it with love. Love is only solution for global peace; interracial faith and feelings of brotherhood. If we develop the concept of being one human being of one planet there will be peace and the fight will be only for positive development.

The world is full of violence, war and crime. It´s just because they lack the peace in mind and trying to get material name and fame. The world is in turmoil today as man lacks pure love. There will be peace on earth if there is love and respect among each other. The world is a big play ground but the winner is only those who knows how to play in a team, a team spirit is needed to nurture this world without any bigotry among the people of the world. As the world is one similarly all the human beings are one and if we build up these feelings among us there will be eternal peace.

Satya Sai Baba has rightly said, “The eye, the hands, the nose, the head and stomach, each look different and do one special task. Every organ has a different name and function; but they all serve the interest of one body to which they belong. They do not work at cross-purposes, do they? So too, each one of you is a limb in the body called the society. Do your work, without a murmur. Work in full co-operation with all. Then the society can be healthy and happy. Love, Love alone, can bind you to others and to God. God is the very embodiment of love.” Everyone has to work to make this place a better place to subsist and it is our responsibility to make a better place to express our thought, feelings and creative ideas without any bias and prejudice, only than Our Community(Hamrosamaj), thrive with respect and mutual understanding.

It has become a universal phenomenon that we are responsible for our future world and our generation, we can make it better if we really want it and this is the right time to initiate for creating love, peace and harmony in the world through our noble thought and deeds. That´s why we are in one community a global community.

Time and tides wait for none, we have to budge ahead according to time and every movement we get to know ourselves, we try to be with whom we can impart our feelings, where we get our mutual aspiration which leads us to one step ahead of our life. But wherever we go and whatever we do we always remain what we are. If we plant love in our garden we get beautiful friends blooming. We get contentment in our life if we really give rightful purpose of our life. And our dream will be fulfilled when it comes from our heart. Then we can experience the fruits of love, peace and contentment.

We know “good people are always good friends” But I say good people always create good culture, good community and good relationship, and they always focus to overcome all wrong and evil things, like when things go wrong they want to step forward to create peace and harmony, they seek meaning of their own life and try to achieve it and this feelings and motivations push them ahead to get involve where they can continue to carry out their activities.

We have only one planet where we can live. The nature has given us a beautiful place to live but we are making it hostile and hard to live. We have no right to destroy its natural beauty and go against the nature since we can´t recreate another planet with our so called development. Be green and follow the laws of nature, if we want to live longer in this world. Let´s fight back to Global warming, climate change; Poverty, drought and desertification to melting ice and of course this Global Economic crisis. We know many people have lost their jobs, hopes and losing their hope to be alive and the suicidal cases are increasing all over the world and recently it has become a common phenomenon in US too. Let´s stop fighting for Political, physical, racial and ideological war. This is the right moment for every individual to move one step ahead from our nationality, our caste and creed and even from so called egos. Because of this ego The world is enduring from violation, which is created by the people living in this earth itself. People are making the world a battlefield and playing with human blood. Let´s all unite in this crucial time and lets create this only life supporting World a better place to live in peacefully and happily”. Let me conclude the discourses of Sathya Sai Baba……

See with the eyes of love

Hear with the ears of love,

Work with the hands of love,

Thinks thoughts of love

Feel love in every nerve.

“There is only one religion, the religion of love

There is only one caste, the caste of humanity

There is only one language, the language of heart.

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