First Indo-Nepalese Fusion Restaurant in San Leandro,CA

CreAsian – Taste of the Himalayas

1269 Mac Arthur Blvd.

San Leandro, CA 94577

Ph: (510) 895-8028
Fax: (510) 895-8305

CreAsian – Taste of the Himalayas in San Leandro.

Join us for the much anticipated Grand Opening of CreAsian – Taste of the Himalayas on November 4, from 5:00p.m10:00p.m., located at 1269 MacArthur Blvd., San Leandro. With strong support and a vision from the team from the restaurants Taste of the Himalayas and Himalayan Flavors, the first ever Himalayan restaurant is being introduced to San Leandro, California. This team of chefs is committed to bringing the finest Himalayan cuisine, alongside Chinese fusion, to the local community of San Leandro and beyond. Their restaurants are defined by two philosophies; food and hospitality, and this will continue in CreAsian-Taste of the Himalayas.

The original Taste of the Himalayas Restaurant ( opened in 2005 in the neighborhood of Gourmet Ghetto, North Berkeley.  The vision was simple: provide the finest Himalayan cuisine to the community. The restaurant serves all kinds of food covering different parts of Himalayan regions. Since its launch in 2005, the restaurant has hosted many cultural events featuring many local artists and renowned musicians. The purpose was to introduce rich cultures of Nepal and India to the community. With the Berkeley community’s wholehearted acceptance, the team became even more determined to give more give back to the community and have collaborated Karma Kitchen ( since 2007. Karma Kitchen’s mission is to build community and connections by paying forward for those who dine after you. Taste of the Himalayas then expanded their venture by opening Himalayan Flavors, also in Berkeley, which features a Banquet Hall. Himalayan Flavors voluntarily offers the space for local meeting to clubs, such as the Lions Club of Annapura Berkeley.


Taste of the Himalayas has been featured in various news portals such as Berkeley Daily Planet’s “Berkeley’s Best: Taste of the Himalayas” [i] and San Francisco Chronicle’s “A new Taste of the Himalayas brings the magic of momos to Shattuck location[ii]..

Mayor of San Leandro, Stephen Cassidy has kindly consented to grace the grand opening ceremony as the chief guest.

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