You Subsist In My Heart

You Subsist In My Heart

Oh my dear you subsist in my heart
In my essence, and in my delusion
Thinking you……………
I pass every solitary moment

Thinking that you are with me

Chatting till dawn in the bank of river

Or top of the hill and walking

Holding hands to hand in the beach

Singing with the wild bird in the forest

But you are beyond my reach

It’s only my illusion
But. . .. . .. . ..
Why don’t you come in reality?
Why do you come only in dream?
Causing twinge in my soul
I surpass every night gazing the moon
I ask the moon to see you
When it bypass from you
I ask to convey my message to you
But the moon doesn’t obey me
Instead it passes every night
Through your skylight wordlessly
Without giving a message to you
But I have nothing to blame you
Coz moon itself is lonesome and helpless
Resembling to me and my circumstance.

But you subsist in the depth of my heart

Causing some pain and lots of rain….

Dhruva Thapa

Categories: Poetry/Story